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Mar 24

share it and reblog it often.  


share it and reblog it often.  

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Mar 23


first pics in the new apartment :)

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ig- @VanillaDutchiee
22, Philly 
Shirt- old navy
Shoes- mark by avon
Wallet -old navy 


ig- @VanillaDutchiee

22, Philly 

Shirt- old navy


Shoes- mark by avon

Wallet -old navy 

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elmnehmara asked: Hi, I am new to Tumblr and I am recently following ArteToLife and TITP and I am wondering if any of the mods can recommend other fat acceptance, body positive bloggers on Tumblr since I have no clue who else, other than here on TITP that blogs about fat discrimination, etc.


Here’s some of my faves in no particular order (note that not every one of these blogs posts about fat-related stuff all the time — it is Tumblr :) 

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Mar 16
  • Society: You're fat. Get off your fat ass and get some exercise.
  • Fat woman: Okay, I'd love to. Let's get some workout clothes!
  • Clothing industry: Oh, we don't have your size. Fat people don't exercise so there's no market for it. Have some men's sweatpants and a man's t-shirt.
  • Fat woman: What about my boobs?
  • Clothing industry: We don't have sports bras for you either. There's a few specialty shops, if you want to spend hundred of dollars on a bra you're going to sweat all over.
  • Fat woman: I guess I'll just double-bra. Now, I need a gym membership.
  • Gym: Oh. Okay. I guess.
  • Gym member: *dirty looks at fat woman* *makes a big deal out of sanitizing anything fat woman touches* *complains to gym about having to look at fat people* *generally treats fat woman like shit*
  • Fat woman: I'm not comfortable here at all. Maybe I'll just go for a walk.
  • Passer-by: Hey, fatty! Don't crack the pavement!
  • Another passer-by: *condescending* Oh, it's so great that you're trying to lose weight.
  • Fat woman: I'm not. I just want to get in better shape.
  • Another passer-by: But you have to lose weight! You're so unhealthy!
  • Yet another passer-by: Mooooo! Look at the cow!
  • Fat woman: Yeah. I don't think I want to be out here anymore. Maybe I'll just buy some home exercise equipment.
  • Sporting goods store: Sorry. The weight limit on our equipment is 30 kilos less than you weigh. You'll have to lose some weight if you want to exercise at home. Have you tried a gym? Or maybe just go for a walk?
  • Fat woman: Yeah. Thanks.
  • Fat woman: ...
  • Fat woman: I'm out of ideas.
  • Society: Haven't you lost any weight yet? Fat people are so lazy.

Mar 5




Lexxxi Lock


yes please

Jan 31

Jan 30

For fat women, being stylish isn’t a luxury. It’s often a necessity to get hired, to get access to healthcare, to get treated like a human being.

Fat women have all kinds of narratives about sloppiness, laziness, dirtiness to overcome. Sometimes heels are a crucial part of looking “put together” in a way that sufficiently convinces people that we care about ourselves, that manages to counteract pervasive cultural narratives that fat people don’t care about ourselves. That we have “let ourselves go.”

Being “put together” is part of the way many of us convey to a judgmental world that we are worth caring about.

I get treated completely differently at a $20 hair salon if I’m dressed up or dressed down. Two totally different experiences. I get treated differently at the doctor’s office, and at the emergency room. I can’t go to the ER in sweatpants, because I’ll get shittier treatment. In an emergency, I have to worry if I am dressed up enough to prove that I deserve respect and care.

Melissa McEwan: Fat Fashion (via tangerineadamantine)

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